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Marketing & Sales Automation

Marketing and Sales Process Automation:
We bring World Class Cloud Based Marketing and Sales Automation Tools, which helps our clients to have an effective control on the overall Marketing and Sales Processes.


Collaboration Services :
We offer Leading Online Collaboration Services to our Customers. With our Services, our Clients can meet and collaborate with anyone, anytime and anywhere in the World. With real time collaboration, our clients can enhance the way they do Marketing,

Online Events

Event Services :
We get involved with the Online Events of our Partners and provide End-to-End Solutions. We work together with our clients for Planning, Execution and Review of their Virtual Events. We do the following types of Online Events.


Integration Services :
We provide Integration Services for various tools with the Collaboration tools. The most requested integration requirements are - Integrating LMS like Moodle with the Live Training Tool like Cisco WebEx.


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