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We are seeing lot’s of excitement in the Indian Startup Space. Never been the “Startup” buzzword have been cooler as it’s now. We have seen Startup Policies made by the central and state governments to enhance the Startup Ecosystem in India. We are also seeing increase in the Funding for the startups year on year, with about $5Bn Total Funding in 2015 - 125% more than the previous year. So with all these, India has now become the fastest growing startup ecosystem in the world. India is now the 3rd Largest in Technology driven product startups in the World, soon projected to be No.2, behind the United States. There has been an increase of 40% in the number of Incubators and Accelerators in India. There have been 156 PE/VC Firms participating in the Funding in 2015, which is a growth of over 100%*.

But, even with all those rosy points mentioned above, we still have to deal with the hard reality that 9 out of 10 startups fail. We focus too much on the successful ones, failing to notice about how and why the majority of startups fail. In our research we found the following as the key reasons;

Not understanding what the Market needs, before developing and launching the product. Not having a clear Business Process and the Team to fit in those. Inability to scale up as the startup grows. Inability to manage the cost of customer acquisition. Lack of proper time management to execute the vital goals. We at MarketNXT believe that we have a role to play here in working with the start-ups, so that they can avoid making the same mistakes that’s been done earlier by other start-ups. We are part of the Startup Ecosystem and help the fellow start-ups in getting most of their Business Process done with efficient and scalable Cloud based platforms. The MarketNXT way of doing this is;
  • Assess the existing resources.
  • Discover the Business Process Requirements.
  • Strategize with the Founders on the plans of growth.
  • Execute the plans.
  • Review on the progress and adapt
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